Call of the Sky


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Posted by Draco Sinistra on March 11, 2010 at 8:33 PM Comments comments (0)

So Flower Fall is officially finished! Woo!! I'm so proud! This is two whole stories I've finished and it's all thanks to you guys! So I'm declaring the 25th of March Call of the Sky Readers Day! Woo! It's also my birthday that day... haha! But anyway, thanks again!



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Well well well, here we are! Call of the Sky has its own site! Woo! So as of right now I am putting the finishing touches on Chapter 9 (there will be a preview at the end of this post!) and then there might be two more chapters... but Flower Fall will be ending soon =( but that means Life Dream will be starting soon =)!


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And as promised, a glimpse of chapter 9!


Mossflower sighed. “Scio, Nubes. Scio.”

            “Scio te sciere.” He said and licked herear in a friendly way. “Veni, let’sgo and have some fresh-kill. You must be hungry.”

            “Iam,” Mossflower admitted. Later, Nubes would remember an odd, sad look in hereyes. Together the walked over to the newly constructed fresh-kill pile. Justas they arrived, Arbor-Vitae walked up, carrying a lizard in his jaws. Heplaced it on the pile and nodded at Mossflower and Nubes.

            Mossflowersmiled at the bellator and took the lizard he had placed on the pile. Shewalked over near the Domus-Regis where Nubes joined her with a mouse.

            “Tryingthe lizard?” Nubes asked. Mossflower smiled and nodded, bending her head totake a bite. But before she did, she looked up at Nubes.

            “Tu bonus amicus es,” she said. Nubessmiled.

            “Et tu.”

            Withthat, Mossflower bent her head and took a bite of the lizard, savoring thetaste. It wasn’t long before she had finished, leaving the small skeletonbehind. As soon as the sunlight hit it, the skeleton turned to dust and blewaway in the light breeze.