Call of the Sky

The Clan of Dreams

I'm sure many of you have been wondering what in the heck the bellatores and liberi and rex all the cats of DreamClan/The Clan of Dreams/Gens-Somni have been saying this whole story! Well, here you will find translations and explanations as to some of their customs and ways of life. Woo!


And in case you didn't know, all the weirdness in the Clan of Dreams's language is because it is in Latin!


Rex=Leader; not granted 9 lives until Nox-Stellarum becomes Rex.

Vicarius=Deputy; takes charge after Rex dies.

Bellator/Bellatrix=Warrior (male/female); plural is bellatores

Discipulus/Discipula=Apprentice (male/female); plural is discipuli; no mentors

Liberi=Kits (singular is infans), live in communal nursery and raised by whole Clan after they are 4 moons old

Vetulus/Vetula=Elder (male/female); plural is Vetuli.


So there were many things these cats said that I understood (since I wrote it) or I tried to get the meaning across, but hopefully this will help! 



•“Quis sunt?”


“Forsan portent ad Imbem.” (chatper 2)

"Who are they?"

"I don't know."

"Maybe we should take them to Imber."

 •“Alius unus?” Chapter 3

"Another one?"

•"Tace, Arbor. Portabimus ad Imbrem,” the black she-cat said, looking at Stoneclaw. “Salve, adventor. Nomen mihi est Nox-Stellarum. Et tu?” (chapter 3)

 "Quiet Arbor. We will bring him to Imber," the black-she cat said, looking at Stoneclaw. "Hello, traveler. My name is Nox-Stellarum. And you?"


•“Sphacos, qui est hic?” the tom said, looking at Mossflower.

Imber, hic est Saxum-Unguis. Is est meus vicarius ab WindClan.

Salve, Saxum-Unguis. Tibi nomen est inusitatus.” (chapter 3)

"Moss, who is this?"

"Imber, this is Stone of Claws. He is my deputy (vicarius) from WindClan."

"Hello, Stone of Claws. Your name is odd."

•"Careo domum mihi" (Chapter 5)

"I miss my home"

•"Gratias, Sphacos" (Ch. 5)

"Thank you, Moss."

•“Ungius-Ursi, servivisti tua gentem bene. I iam et dormi,” Imber said, the old sacred words filling Stoneclaw with sadness. (Ch. 5)

"Claw of the Bear, you have served you clan well. Go now and rest."

•"Ubi sum?" (Ch. 5)

"Where am I?"

"Ita." (Ch. 5)


 •"Ille canis" (Ch. 5)

"That dog"

 •"Nolite timere" (Ch. 5)

"Do not fear."

•"fratres" (Ch. 5)


•"Bellatores! Canes! Pugnate!" (Ch. 5)

"Warrior! Dogs! Fight!"

•" Cineree, Scopule, Accite, venite!" (Ch. 6)

"Cinereus, Scopulus, Accitus, come!"

Pugna, Cor!”

 “Et you, Sol!” (Ch. 6)

"Fight, Cor!"

"And you, Sol!"

"Curre, Pellis-Accipitris" (Ch. 6)

 "Run, Pelt of Hawks!"

•"Minime vero!” the ginger tom called, trusting himself in front of Hawkpelt. “Eam non nocebas!” (Ch. 6)

"No! (Really emphatic)" "You will not kill her!"

• “Sphacos, dicem Imbri.” (Ch. 6)

"Moss, I will speak for Imber."

•" Saxum-Sideris!" (Ch. 7)

"Stone of Stars!"

•" Luna-Correpentis" (Ch. 7)

"Moon of Slinking (Creeping, etc.)"

• “O, Imber, quid faciam?” she whispered. “Hocne certe vis?” (Ch. 8)

"Oh, Imber, what will I do?" "Is this really what you want?"

• “Quid faciam? Hoc mea culpa est. Omnio mea culpa." (FF Ch. 8)

"What will I do" This is my fault. All my fault."

“Saxum! Sphacos! Bellatores! Redivistis!” (FF Ch. 9)

“Stone! Moss! Warriors! You have returned!”


Ubi est Imber?” (FF Ch. 9)

“Where is Imber?”


Mortuus est.” (FF Ch. 9)

“He is dead.”


Nunc tu rex es.” (FF Ch. 9)

“Now you are rex (leader)."

“Non volo… non…”  Nox said, “Imber…” (FF Ch. 9)

“I don’t want… don’t…” “Rain…”


Saxum,” Nox said softly. She was silent for several moments. Finally, she spoke in a soft voice. “Etiam to amo.” (FF Ch. 9)

“Stone,” “I love you too.”



Et tu, Nubes,” she said, smiling. (FF Ch. 9)

“And you, Nubes,”


Quid in tuā mente est?” (FF Ch. 9)

“What is on your mind?”


Non omittis multum,” (FF Ch. 9)

“You do not miss much,”


 “Scio, Nubes. Scio.” (FF Ch. 9)

“I know, Nubes. I know.”


Scio te sciere.” (FF Ch. 9)

“I know you know.”


“Tu bonus amicus es,” she said. Nubes smiled.

“Et tu.” (FF Ch. 9)

“You are a good friend,”

“And you.”


Minime!” Nubes cried. “Sphacos!” (FF Ch. 9)

“No!” “Moss!”


Quid illud est?” (FF Ch. 9)

“What is that?”


Fui vicarius! Iam sum rex!” (FF Ch. 9)

“I was deputy (vicarius)! Now I am rex (leader)!”


Hīc sum,” (FF Ch. 9)

“I am here,”


Nox, surge,” (FF Ch. 9)

“Nox, get up.”


Amici, hodie honoramus amicam nos, Sphacos-Florum. Mortuus est non fustra, nam nunc vivet in animis nobis. Non dedisemus!” (FF Ch. 9)

“Friends, today we honor our friend, Moss of Flowers. She did not die in vain, for now she will live in our spirits. We will not forget!”


Nomen ‘Sphacos-Florum’ sanctus ero in hac gentis, aeternaliter.”  (FF Ch. 9)

“The name ‘Moss of Flowers’ will be sacred in this Clan, forever.”


Non perficio. Vocare novum vicarium volo.”  Nox had given it much thought through the long night and had made her decision. “Folium-Argenteus, tu es bellator multi virtutis et sapientiae. Erisne mea vicarius?” (FF Ch. 9)

“I am not done. I wish to call the new deputy (vicarius).” “Leaf of Silver, you are a warriors of much virtue and wisdom. Will you be my deputy (vicarius)?”


Nox-Stellarum, meus rex, accipiem locum vicarii. Captabo servire Gens-Somnis toto corde animoque.” (FF Ch. 9)

“Night of Stars, my rex (leader), I will accept the rank of deputy (vicarius). I will try to serve the Clan of Dreams with my whole heart and spirit.”


Ecce vicarius! Folium-Argenteus!” (FF Ch. 9)

“Behold your deputy (vicarius)! Leaf of Silver!”


Ite, omnes.” (FF Ch. 9)

“Go, everyone.”


Nox-Stellarum, possum dicere a Rupes-Regis?” (FF Ch. 9)

“Night of Stars, am I able to speak from the Rock of the Rex (leader)?”


Spondeo,” (FF Ch. 9)

“I promise.”


Vale, Saxum-Sideris! Vale!” (FF Ch. 9)

“Goodbye, Stone of Stars! Goodbye!”


Vale, Nox-Stellarum,” (FF Ch. 9)

“Goodbye, Night of Stars.”


"Saxum-Sideris… sis…” (FF Ch. 10)

“Stone of Stars… please…”


“'Foetus sum.'" (FF Ch. 10)

“I’m going to have kits.” (essentially)


"Tibi nomen erit Imber-Saxi. Augesce esse validus et fidelis." (FF Ch. 10)

“Your name will be Rain of Stone. Grow to be strong and faithful.”


"Et tibi nomen erit Nix-Albae. Augesce esse lenis et compatiens." (FF Ch. 10)

“And your name will be Snow of White. Grow to be kind and compassionate.”


"Saxum… volo videre te hoc. Volo videre noster infants…" (FF Ch. 10)

“Stone… I wish you could see this. I wish you could see our kits…”


"Alauda-Alae, sis narravit eum… sis…" (FF Ch. 10)

“Lark of Wing, please have told him… please…”



“Quomodo illud erat?”

Bene, Accite. Iam iterum.” (LD Ch. 1)

 "How was that?"

"Good, Accitus. Now again."



Dede,” he said.

Bonum conatus, Accite. Sed non satis bonus.” Nox jumped into the air, flipping and sending Accitus flying onto the dust. She smiled. “Sed bonus conatus. Laborat bonus.” (LD Ch. 1)


"Good try, Accitus. But not good enough." "But a good try. You did well."


“Gratias, Nox.” (LD Ch. 1)

"Thank you, Nox."

Nix, Imber, surgite,”  (LD Ch. 2)

"Snow, Rain, get up."


Quis est hic?”   (LD Ch. 2)

"Who is this?"

Nix, hic est tuus pater,”  (LD Ch. 2)

"Snow, this is your father."

  “Salvete, liberi,” (LD Ch. 2)

"Hello, children,"



Quod nomen tibi est?” little Imber asked.

 “Mihi nomen est Saxum-Sideris,” Stonestar said. (LD Ch. 2)

"What is your name?"

"My name is Stone of Stars."



Pater mihi est rex?” Imber asked. (LD Ch. 2)

"My father is a rex (leader)?"


Ita, mater,” the kits said in unison. (LD Ch. 2)

"Yes, mother."


 “Nox! Nox! Ubi es?”

"Nox! Nox! Where are you?" (LD Ch. 5)


Huc sum!” she called, recognizing Folium’s voice. “Una minuta! Venio!”

"I'm here!" "One minute! I'm coming!" (LD Ch. 5)


Quid est, Folium?” 

"What is it, Leaf?" (LD Ch. 5)



Bruma difficilis erat,” he said, reverting to his native tongue. “Unus venefici venit videre si…”

 "Winter was hard." "One rogue has come to see if..." (LD Ch. 5)


Voluit sociare noster Gentem.”

  "He wanted to join our Clan." (LD Ch. 5)


Ubi est?” Nox asked.

 "Where is he?" (LD Ch. 5)


Tacite, omnes!” 

"Be quiet, everyone!" (LD Ch. 5)